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Hagan's Goal: $300

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Hagan Family 3

Dear Friends and Family,

I am lacing up my sneakers next month and walking in the SKS 3rd Annual Walk-A-Thon. This event raises money for me and my classmates to continue to enhance our technology program.

I would appreciate it (and so would my 600 classmates) if you could help support me.

Thanks in advance for your support!

About this fundraiser:

St. Katherine of Siena school is raising funds to enhance our Technology Program. Our goal is to invest in more Chrome Books for our students to use. Our students enjoy using Chrome Books as a way to expand their academic experience.
We will also be using the funds to increase security measures at school!
We hope you will support SKS!

Your donations will help pay for:

  • Technology Upgrades
  • Chrome Book for every student
  • Increased Security Measures

All participants:

$31,112 raised
of $30,000 goal
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Raised $1,320
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Raised $885
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Raised $610
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Raised $550
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Raised $470
Danny 15 fall 2017
Raised $400
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Raised $400
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Raised $350
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Raised $350
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Raised $335

Top Donations

Shawn m hagan

You make us proud everyday! Love Mom, Dad and Shawn!

David price

Ino n papa love you boys

Shannon Price

Go cousins! -Love, Jaxson

Michael P Urciuoli
George Kikuchi