Bryce's Goal: $100

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Bryce Ri.
Gr. K

Dear Friends and Family,

I'm lacing up my sneakers on April 28th and doing my best at St. Vincent de Paul's Walk For Education at Gaskill Park. This event raises money for me and my classmates to continue to be enriched with programs that are essential to our education.

I would appreciate it (and so would my 175 schoolmates) if you could help support me.

Thanks in advance for your generosity!

About this fundraiser:

St. Vincent de Paul Regional School students learn in an atmosphere where education of the whole child is fundamental; an education developing minds, hearts, and souls with a curriculum enhanced through the integration of Catholic faith values. We believe this is possible through the support of our school families, parishioners, and a dedicated faculty and staff committed to preparing students to lead lives of meaning and purpose.

Your donations will help pay for:

  • STREAM program
  • Arts and Athletics

All participants:

$12,275 raised
of $15,000 goal
Raised $550
Raised $550
Raised $480
Raised $450
Raised $450
Raised $380
Raised $315
Raised $300
Raised $300
Raised $255

Top Donations

Ryland and Tyler

Go Bryce!

Mommy and Daddy

Love you!!

Michelle Mauro-Knight/ Grandma

Way to go Bryce, I am very proud of you!

Uncle Brandon, Aunt Katelyn, & Cousin Brayden

Go fast, Bryce!